Monday, June 16, 2008

Paul M. Glenney, Director of the Clean Energy Technology Center for AeroVironment, Inc. in Monrovia, California. Paul joined AeroVironment in 2004 where he currently is the project lead of the Architectural Wind business and the business lead for Aerovironment’s initiatives in clean energy technologies. Prior to working with AV, Paul managed consumer marketing at Siemens Solar having responsibility over the residential, RV and marine product offerings.

Prior to that, Paul held various management positions in engineering, marketing and business development specializing in technology products and power electronics. Paul has an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship, and has conducted business in more than twenty countries. We honor Paul on behalf of AeroVironment and look forward to hearing more from him about this exciting company and their contribution to the environment. Paul.


PacWind has invented, engineered, and is in full production on a truly revolutionary line of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) that can be installed nearly anywhere. PacWind’s innovative vertical axis wind turbines are completely silent, stable, and safe in all wind conditions up to 100+ mph. They are economical, efficient, maintenance free, and operate in all climate conditions and are also bird, wildlife, and people friendly!

PacWind’s proprietary designs can be installed residentially, commercially, and industrially, and can be attached to buildings, installed on roof tops, or mounted on stand alone poles. They are ideal for bringing wind energy to buildings or structures of all shapes and sizes, boats, telecom sites, oil wells, irrigation systems, lighting systems, remote locations and emergency situations.

The PacWind VAWTs are architecturally and aesthetically pleasing in stand alone fashion or installed in VAWT towers of up to five turbines high. The PacWind VAWT towers allow for extremely compact utilization of the wind’s energy in urban as well as rural areas, while at the same time allowing the turbines to simply blend into their architecturalsurroundings.

PacWind has been in the news recently as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will showcase PacWind’s Delta I design during his Economic Trade Mission to Canada in Toronto - and PacWind products will be featured on the pilot episode of….Mario’s Greenhouse!! It is my honor to introduce Mr. Gary Toomey and present his certificate as he is inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame.

Southwest Windpower

Southwest Windpower
Mr. David Calley, president and founder of Southwest Windpower. Based in Flagstaff, AZ Southwest Windpower has been manufacturing residential scale wind turbines since 1986. To date, the Company has produced more than 100,000 units from 400 to 3000 watts.

Applications include grid connected and off-grid homes, water pumping, telecommunications, and a variety of other uses. Southwest Windpower recently released Skystream 3.7®, a revolutionary new 1.9 Kw utility-tie turbine that focuses on low-cost energy, efficiency and aesthetics making it easier to install in residential neighborhoods and businesses.

Founder and president, David Calley built his first wind turbine at the age of 12 and started Southwest Windpower while he was still in high school. Since then he has continued to develop and manufacture innovative wind turbines including the world’s best selling model “AIR” which to date, has sold more than 100,000 units.

Mr. Calley lives in a home he designed that is heated, cooled and electrically powered all by wind and solar energy. He also designs and builds electric and pedal electric vehicles and solar and wind water pumping systems. He commutes about 2 hours per day by bike and has one child, Isaac, who is 7 years old (and is here with him tonight).

For 20 years, Southwest Windpower has been bringing low-cost, reliable wind energy to the world. As the world's largest producer of small wind generators, they’ve pioneered new technologies to make renewable energy simple. It is my great pleasure to induct into the Envirnonmental Hall of Fame, Mr. David Calley and Southwest Windpower.